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I'm Lissette, the owner of BISOU Di MAR. 

I've been a master cosmetologist for 23 years, certified in soap making and natural skincare. In 2020 I decided to merge my beauty and health knowledge and create a boutique that provides pure artisan soap and skincare.  The purpose is to elevate the self care experience by adding healing and nourishing properties into each product, leaving out all chemicals.

Gifting is an incredible act of love and can make people feel happy, that's why Bisou Di Mar intends to design gift sets, incorporating all the goods to help you give a warm and personalized experience to a loved one.

We take in consideration every detail. 

*Gift sets can be tailored according to your needs. They range from small ~ personal self care, party favors to higher quantities such as corporate and private events, customer appreciation, ( weddings, bridal or baby shower and birthday parties). 

"Good energy flows into everything we do and in what we give to others."

At Bisou Di Mar we are looking forward to be help you simplify the gifting process. 

Shipping directly to each customer. All US.


Let's make someone happy together!

My Story


The passion for artisan soap making  started in a trip to Greece in 2013. Was the first time using a high quality handmade bar and it felt comforting and soft on my sensitive skin.

I decided to learn how to make my own bars! And I did.!

As  soon as I received my certification, I started to get creative, combining different oils and make my own recipe. The love for the craft just kept growing!, but certain events forced me to put it all in pause.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated. Despite her condition,  she was so optimistic and kept her spirit high. Had a great sense of humor. Always smiling!

 I've always been a nature enthusiastic. Im cuban-puertorrican, born in New York. 

Some of the things I enjoy are cooking, doing exercise, gardening, painting art,  practicing mindfulness and other health~conscious practices.

As an adventurous soul its a pleasure to me exploring the world and absorbing the richness of all cultures.

Caribbean, Italy, France, Greece, Barcelona, Turkey, Mexico, Jamaica and more...

The experience with my mother encouraged me to do some research and enroll in a nutrition coaching program at CSI college, New York and complete a Natural skincare certification in order to find natural solutions  and feel confident formulating with advanced knowledge. Health is a wide topic, but its proven that what we eat, what our skin absorbs and the environment we live in plays a big roll in humans health overall.  Many products in the industry are misleading and there really  ain't many healthy options.  

I created Bisou Di Mar to be  a pure and clean line that will avoid ingredients that can harm the integrity of people's health and that is safe for sensitive skin, including rosacea.


Unfortunately, years later my beloved mother passed away. My world turned over! I lost my best friend. My mentor. My warrior who Im grateful for and who will always live in my heart.

I wanted her to be part of my journey and keep her legacy live on. That's when I decided to name my boutique  Bisou Di Mar ~ "a kiss from Maria" ~ in her honor. 

I later on  became a mother of a wonderful boy. The biggest love of my life!

Now being a mom boss, working from home in my own workshop I feel peace in mind and have more time to  focus in my priorities and to be closer to my family.

My mission is to no only provide non toxic skincare and educate people how to read a product label and know the difference between marketing strategies vs simple and easy to read ingredient label. The amount of toxins in regular skincare has been jeopardizing human health.

A little more of me, well, I am an RA (rheumatoide arthritis) warrior who despite the pain I can experience some days, I still feel grateful and Thank God everyday to be where I am, and with the wonderful support of friends and family that surrounds me.

Im an earth conscious person, animal lover, mom of two rescued cats.  I like to teach  my son  about the wonders of nature so he can he grow, learn and love our planet as much as I do. I grew up in the suburbs, where I was able to enjoy all the wonders nature can provide. Im a talented and creative artist who loves to paint acrylic, work with gold leaf and  design digital art in which I use for my own business. Has been a lot of work to get where I am and I feel blessed to follow the entrepreneurship path. Teachers others about health is my way to contribute to this society the younger generation.


Life tip: Live simple and do what makes you happy! 

Thank you for taking your time to read Bisou Di Mar story.

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