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I’m Lissette, owner and sole artist of Bisou Di Mar.


Whenever you want to treat yourself or surprise someone special, I’m here to help you. It’s my goal to make everyone feel special!

It can be overwhelming to try and find a truly unique gift. I will work out the details with you and craft a personalized message and gift theme. I design the product for you, wrap it, and ship it to make the whole process smooth and easy.

I have pre made gift boxes and customized options available for any occasion, from birthday presents to wedding gifts and beyond. I also work on private events, making small trinkets like cards, mini soaps, jewelry, and more. 

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My Story

I’m a Cuban-Puerto Rican, born in NYC, living in New York. 

I’ve been a multidisciplinary artist all my life, and I’ve worked in cosmetology for 20 years as an expert colorist in the beauty industry.I believe in healthy living, incorporating home cooking, working out, aromatherapy, and other health-conscious practices into my life. My greatest mentor has been my mother – a strong, hardworking, and empowering woman. When she was diagnosed with cancer, I enrolled in a nutrition course and started learning about harmful chemicals in cosmetics and food. I wanted to help her fight the disease through healthy living. My mother unfortunately passed away, but her legacy lives on. My store is named Bisou di Mar – “a kiss from Maria” – in her honor.

As I was learning about healthy skincare formulation, I fell in love with handcrafted soaps, made with wholly natural, organic ingredients. This passion – together with my own sensitive skin – turned into the gifts and skincare products I offer here at Bisou di Mar. All my soaps are made using a traditional cold-pressing method with organic oils, carefully cured over several weeks. You will find no artificial chemicals or preservatives in my products. As a mother, I care about our planet and believe in saving it for future generations. That’s why everything from my gifts to packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable. Together, we can make a difference.

My mission is to help others  learn how natural products can help them avoid health issues, and to discover the same interest I have in health-conscious skincare products. I aim to achieve that by combining my art and natural cosmetics to create special gift boxes, and I do it with so much passion!

Everything is made carefully and with love!


Thank you for visiting my website!